Wheely Games

There are a number of fun, free Wheeliy games just awaiting your play. The original Wheely game, wheely 1, was a simple game that progressed in complexity as you advanced from level 1 to level 15. The addictiveness of wheely is that the various levels keep you entertained and offer variety, but it does not take a whole lot of skill to advance from one level to another.
In Wheely 1, the cute little red car has a simple objective, to be the champion of the race. However, by Wheely two, the objectives get more complex. While solving various puzzles to find the exits, your trusty red car runs into a beautiful pink car and naturally falls in love.
In Wheely 3, Jolie the pink car, asks Wheely to obtain a new wheel for her.
In Wheely 4, known as time travel, Wheely breaks his own wheel and needs service. Only something drastically goes wrong along the way.
In Wheely 5, Wheely decides to cuts some grass around his home, when meteorites from above begin two reigns down.
In Wheely 6, Wheely and Jolie take a trip to the cinema. Only as usual. something goes dramatically wrong.
In Wheely 7. Wheely assumes the adventurous role of catching a bank robber.
Finally, in Wheely 8, Wheely and Jolie go on a picnic together, but true to the theme, something disastrous appears on the horizon.
There are numerous levels of each game, and different players take a different approach to each game. Some will experiment, and fail at various levels till they have figured out how to advance.

Other players, impatient to progress, will take advantage of the walkthroughs the w for each game. Naturally playing without walkthroughs is more challenging, but they are there if you need them.