Bob the robber Games

Ready for a game series to take you to exotic locales while allowing you to steal the most valuable prizes and priceless pieces of art? Ready to sneak around security guards and police officers while stealing money, disarming cameras, disabling traps, and amassing a gigantic collection of stolen goods? Ready to play a game with that match 3 feeling while still completing the story of Bob the Robber - a world renown thief who explores alluring locations like Japan, Russia, and an ancient temple with the sole intent of emptying the entire place of all of its valuable goods.

In Bob the Robber, use your arrow keys (or WASD) to navigate the colorful and dynamically designed levels. Bob climbs ladders, unlocks doors, moves from room to room, and maneuvers around and through obstacles to reach the final room where Bob's treasure awaits. It may feel as though the game is simple at the beginning, but it doesn't take long for the puzzles to become more complex and challenging as you move from room to room as an internationally infamous burglar. Because the difficulty of the game develops as you play it, moving Bob through the game makes reaching the final room of the game feel rewarding to a level above any other browser match 3 game. Once you do finally complete the last room in Bob the Robber, then you are in luck! There are six more fully fledged Bob the Robber games ready to play, each with a fresh collection of new puzzles and completely different kinds of property to steal!

Bob the Robber combines a fulfilling story with an increasingly challenging match 3 style puzzle game. Play Bob the Robber, a rich puzzle infused story game about a scoundrel willing to steal anything and trick anybody to bag his money and complete the heist!