Among Us Games

I'm a huge gaming nerd. From sites like Match 3, Miniclip, CoolMath, and Steam, I've spent hours on this game. I really could use some more people to play with, so you should come and join me! There's this new game called Among Us that I'm LOVING IT!

What is Among Us?
I'm a huge fan of gaming videos as well! When I watch gaming on YouTube or a live stream from Twitch, I almost always see a game of Among Us being played by somebody. Among Us is an online interactive game that allows you to play with friends or with people from all over the world. The game is set on a space station and the character are each with their own assigned color. During the game, players have to complete tasks in order to keep the space station running smoothly. However, among the players, there is an imposter. Depending on the number of players there can be anywhere from one to three imposters. Only the imposters know who the other imposters are and it is their job to sabotage the space station and eliminate the other players. Imposters are able to kill the other players, and use tactics like communication and air vents to trick the players that someone else has killed them. Every round ends either with a report or an emergency meeting called. At the end of rounds, players communicate through chat on who they believe the imposter is, and voting commences. Featured all over the country on websites like Miniclip, Match 3, and Innersloth, grab your friends and enjoy the legendary game!

What Games can I play?
There are so many games that are available within Among Us regardless of what games you prefer! Like Match 3? Try Among Us Falling Guys! Puzzle fan? We've got you covered! There is fun that the entire family can join here on our site, and we can assure you that you won't be disappointed! I'm in love with this game and I really hope that you come and join me!