Fireboy and Watergirl

This is the Fireboy and watergirl series. We have more then 10 games collected. In fireboy you are in control of the characters, you can each move the fireboy or watergirl at the same time to navigate through the level. Make your way to the exit in each level, flip levers, press buttons and activate platforms. You can interact with the environment in many ways. The goal is to collect the jewels in each levels as quick as possible. All the Fire and Water games in this series are platform puzzle games. You start in the temple with challenging puzzles. In the forest you must switch elements to progress and in the light temple you must make use of the mirrors and reflectors to collect all gems. Finally in the crystal temple you must use the portals to teleport across the levels Collect all the gems!Fireboy and WatergirlFireboy and Watergirl games