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Zoo Boom

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Zoo Boom is a fun and educational game that challenges your skills as you build your zoo. You will be making a zoo over 90 levels with different challenges, like collecting honey for the bears or planting seeds for flowers to attract hungry feeder animals. You will have to grow plants to attract animals of the same species. It is an entertaining, stress-relieving game guaranteed to make you happier! There are two modes in this game; adventure and sandbox. In adventure mode, you will travel from level to level and build different zoos.

How to Play

To play this game, you must use the spacebar to select and activate a tool or animal. The left mouse button for selection and the right mouse button for canceling action. When on a level screen, use the arrow keys to move around, the Z key to access zoo buildings, or ESC to go back. When you first start playing this game, it seems very easy. There are only two buildings, but when you start unlocking more of them, you will find that having more animals becomes more complex and more complicated because there is insufficient space.


To add an animal or tool to your zoo, select them and then click on the map where you want to add them. You can also use the number keys 1 - 9 while playing. There are several tools you can use, such as a shovel that allows you to dig holes and remove wood; a pickaxe which will enable you to mine rock; an ax that lets you chop down trees; a water hose that allows you to water all your seeds and plants; a brush which enables you to groom animals.

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