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Yukon Solitaire

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Yukon is a traditional game of solitaire where the goal is to move every card from Ace to King to one of the four foundations on the right. To move the cards across the tableau in this game, you must follow a set of peculiar and very strict rules.

A normal 52-card deck is used in Yukon Solitaire. The tableau has seven columns formed by each card that is in it. One card is in the leftmost column's first column. The first column has four cards; the second has 5, the third has 6, the fourth has 7, and so on. Each subsequent column contains one more card. Eleven cards must be present in total in the last column on the right.

A player is dealt five cards, five from each column, five face up, and five face down. A single face-up card is present in the first column, which is the exception. Players must arrange the cards beginning with the ace and ending with the king in the foundations at the top of the tableau, according to suit.

Only when there are no other toppings can you send a card to the foundations. You can only flip up a card face down if there is no obstacle in your way. The cards on the tableau must thus be moved about to access the ones you require. Additionally, you may only stack cards in order of increasing value and a distinct color. Full or partial columns may be moved around freely so long as they are positioned on top of an unoccupied card.

The kings cannot top any other card since cards may only be transferred to those with one rank above. Only empty columns or spaces on the tableau may receive them for transfer. Any other card cannot fill these spots. If all of the foundations are built successfully, the players win the game, and they lose if they cannot remove all of the pieces from the tableau before no more moves are left.

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