Wormax is the new slither! This snake game features massive online multiplayer snake game play. You are battling against other snakes. When you touch them you die, when they touch you, you die. It´s that simple. Click your mouse for boost (This will cost a little bit of points). Press and hold W to stop (can be handy if you bounce into someone) and press E to become invisible and be able to go through other snakes. But be careful, the stop and invisible powers can be used once in a while. There are also lot's of powerrups in the field. Like: a point boost, become poisonous for other players, a magnet to score more candies and many others. The top 10 worms will get into the scoreboard. In the mini map you can see where the most worms are. The best playing style for new players is to take it easy, eat some candies if a worm dies but don't go to crazy with the boost. You will bounce into others very quickly.

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