World Wars 1991

World wars 1991 is a classic tanks game. Shoot your opponents and try to survive. Once there is 1 player left the game is over. Choose between 20 levels. You can use a variety of power ups:
- 1UP Bonus - Get 1 life for player
- STAR BONUS - Take 1 star - Get new Tank T2
- STAR BONUS 2 - Take 2 stars and the T3 tank
STAR BONUS 3 - 3 stars and the T4 tank
STAR BONUS 4 - Get tank 4 at once
HELM BONUS - Gives the player a temporary protection
BOMB BONUS - Destroys all enemies on screen
TIME BONUS - All enemies on screen drive slowly
SHOVEL BONUS - Gives base protection
SNOW BONUS - Turn water into ice
UNDERWATER - When the ice turns into water a tank goes under the water
CRASH - Destroys both player and enemy when they collide
BONUS TANK - A tank with a star gives a bonus
T4 TANK - All T4 tanks destroy trees.

The game can be played on pc, mac and mobile, when played on pc you can play with 2 players on 1 keyboard. Player one uses the arrow keys to moves and player 2 uses WASD to move.
World Wars 1991
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