Table Tennis World Tour

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Table Tennis World Tour is an online game where you can play table tennis, or ping pong, as a member of any country, working your way across the map, defeating other countries in table tennis matches.

By swiping your mouse across the screen, you are able to move your table tennis paddle from left to right. Starting by serving, you can hit the ping pong ball across the table to the other player, which represents another country. The rules are like real life table tennis. The ball needs to bounce only once on either side of the net, you lose a point if it flies of the table on the other side, and you must hit it back to the other side.

Gain points by making it so that the other player cannot hit the ball back and by making sure you continually hit it back to them. After winning each level, you can move on to another spot on the map, challenging another country until you win the round again. Each round you play, it gets a little bit more difficult to win, but in order to progress and reign the supreme country, but the challenge of powering through will make the end goal much more rewarding.

Play Table Tennis World Tour on today to play as any country, challenging yourself at the fun game of table tennis. Work your way through the country as each team, making yourself the best table tennis player of all time. Good luck!

Play against 60 opponents in 20 countries in this fun to play table tennis game. With the easy to use controls and play ability the game is fun to play for everyone. Just use touch to control. You can use spin and power shots to trick your opponents. If you collect the trophies in all countries you win the world tour. We find table tennis or ping pong in some countries an addictive game that keeps us busy for hours. Or just for a few minutes if we have the time. When you close the game and return your progress will be saved so you can come back anytime! Be sure to bookmark this game to come bakc for more table tennis fun.
Table Tennis World Tour