Super Fighters 2

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Super Fighters 2 is a street fighter like game move in jump kick punch spin kick and pull off your super move to finish off your opponent. In this 2D free roaming shooting/fighting game you must kill all your opponents. You can upgrade your weapons like the hand pistol or shotgun or even buy an automatic weapon. There are different game modus, 1 or 2 players, vs mode, practice mode. You can set the number of bots you will fight in super fighters 2.

This is the sequel of super fighters 1 where you could play against AI opponents, in super fighters 2 you can play against your friends with the 2 player mode. In the setup menu you can change the graphics quality from low to high. The effect quality, the sound volume and you can edit the controls used in the game.
There is also super fighters deluxe, a paid and upgraded version of super fighters. If you start the game you will begin with a warm up, just use the left and right arrows to move. Then you will learn to jump with the up key and to crouch with the down key. Next are rolling, sprinting, diving, melee attacks, shooting with a gun and shooting with an assault rifle. Finally you learn about the grenades. After that you are ready to rock in Super Fighters 2.

Super Fighters 2 Screenshot

Super fighters 2 screenshot.
Super Fighters 2