Shards is a modern Arkanoid / Breakout game. Destroy all bricks with the ball, bounce the ball back with your paddle. You can collect powerups like a sticky ball, shooting laser, multiball bigger or smaller paddle, slow ball, fast ball, powerball (this one goes through bricks). Sticky ball (the ball will stick to the paddle, click or tap to release), split ball (splits in 3), laser canon (tap or click to fire), extra life and more. Shards does have 50 levels and is playable on desktop, tablet and mobile. You can choose the game speed from slow to fast. In the easy level selection you will see your best time, the amount of stars you have in each shard level and if you have enough stars to play the level.

The in game help gives you some tips: dodge deadly bombs and make sure you hit the ball in the correct angle of your paddle to steer it's direction.

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