Road Trip FRVR

Sometimes you have a few minutes to kill. There are times where you may not have enough time to get an appreciable amount of reading done but also too much time to do a simple distraction. A game like Road Trip FRVR was built for filling this sort of irritating middle lane of free time leading up to some event, appointment or class.


Road Trip FRVR is a very simple game. You are tasked with rearranging a stage's map so that your vehicle can make it from the start of the level to the end. This is accomplished with a very simple one-click interface. Simply click on the map tile that you want to relocate and drag it to the tile you want it to go. Once you are satisfied with your completed road, click on your vehicle to get it to complete the course. Since moving tiles around to make a road is a simple enough task, the game throws in coins as an extra challenge. While you can build a road that can get the car from one end of the map to the other, coins are positioned in such a way that you will need to do a bit more thinking to make an unbroken road that takes the car through every tile with a coin. Coins can be used to purchase different vehicle models in the shop and include a tank, police car and food truck.


The game's visuals are crisp and easily understandable, giving a very clean look to the whole experience. Sound effects and background music are distinct without getting annoying and it can be nice hearing a human voice cheering each clear of a stage.

Overall Review

If you are looking for free games to kill some time with, this title is a good choice.

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