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Retro Ball

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Play Retro ball, get as far as possible with your ball. You can steer by tapping or clicking left or right. You can also steer with the arrow keys. Steer your retro ball past the obstacles and past the holes and try to get as far as possible. This futuristic game will keep you busy for hours.
RetroBall, an in-browser game, is perfect for passing the time if you're looking for an addictive yet simple game to play. This game, inspired by similar "constant run" games like Temple Run and Minions Run, takes you on a futuristic dodge race in which you control a small ball that must change paths quickly to avoid falling through holes in the path. The game begins simply enough, with simple tracks and few holes to give you time to get used to the controls.

However, it quickly becomes a pulse-raising race to avoid a slew of holes in the track, which necessitates quick reflexes. It could be argued that the game ramps up in difficulty a little too quickly, as a new player may become frustrated trying to force his fingers to react quickly enough after only fifteen seconds. However, with some practice, the player will be able to get it going.

The controls are straightforward. The mouse or the space bar and arrow keys on the keyboard can be used to direct the ball. The keyboard may be easier for a beginner to grasp. RetroBall is an uncomplicated game with few distracting graphics and ironically soothing music playing in the background as you play. Because it runs in a web browser, it can theoretically be played on any device with a web browser and an internet connection, though some devices will respond to the game's load time faster than others. For example, one would probably not want to play this on a Kindle Fire Silk browser, but a modern mobile phone or computer, or even older tablets, can handle it just fine.

RetroBall quickly becomes one of those games where the opponent you must beat is yourself, and offers mind numbing yet pulse racing fun.

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