Puppy Blast

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Discover and solve hundreds of challenging puzzles with puppies! Explode! Have fun!
Puppy Blast is an exciting matching game. We all know that puppies like treats. The goal is to match the colorful treats. Thanks to exciting levels and powerups that keep things exciting, Puppy Blast is a game you are going to want to keep playing.

To play the game, simply match two or more blocks of the same color. Remove large color blocks to get rewards, including bombs, missiles, and the magic cube. The larger the group of the same color blocks that you remove, the better the reward.

During each level, the game will give you a task to complete. The tasks will include things like popping balloons or getting a ball from top to bottom. Combine the same color blocks with power-ups to make an enormous explosion to clear the level quickly. Stars are rewarded after completing each level. With over 1000 levels, there are plenty of stars to get. Come back and play Puppy Blast often, and they will reward you with special prizes.
Puppy Blast