Mahjong Dynasty

In MAHJONG DYNASTY you travel through Asia. The game haves 100 levels, each 20 levels you will travel to a new destination in Asia. With each world unique in it's own style. Earn 3 stars per level if you want to go for the topscore. Earn 1 star per level if you just want to progress. The game stars easy with a small playing field and easy tiles. but each level with become more difficult and challenging. You can use the light bulb for a tip, 2 connecting mahjong tiles will flash. use the eye icon the stand out 2 matching mahjong tiles. With the sword icon you can remove 2 tiles automatically. Use the shuffle button to re-arrange the tiles and use the back button to take you back 1 turn. Be careful to only use the power ups if you can't go any further. You will start with 1 power up of each and earning them is difficult.

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