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While there are hundreds of different solitaire games, the most common one is Klondike, which you can play for free at Free Solitaire. People have enjoyed this game for ages, but it wasn't widely known until Microsoft included it in its Windows operating system.

Released in 1990 with Windows 3.0, Solitaire has been a staple of the Windows platform for almost 25 years. Solitaire is the most played game ever since it comes pre-installed on over a billion devices (thanks to its inclusion in all versions of the world's most popular operating system). The game can be played here for free and online if you are one of the few who is unfamiliar with it, and the rules are as follows: Specifics of Playing Solitaire

Each player receives one standard deck of playing cards (no jokers included). The tableau consists of the seven columns of cards at the game's base. The top cards are the only ones that can be seen. Unsplit cards are placed in the reserve pile, which can be seen in the upper left corner of the image. The game's primary objective is to arrange all the cards in the four vacant boxes to the right, known as the essential columns, in ascending color order from ace to king. You can arrange the cards on the tableau from highest to lowest, alternating colors. If you have a red four and a black 5, you can put the red four on top of the black 5 to reveal a new card. As the first card in the deck, aces are sought after before moving on to the search for any lower card values. When the options in the box are depleted, the backup stack should be used. Have fun!

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