Harpoon FRVR

Game Instructions

This game is a fishing game, and it's about a fisherman that is harpooning fish. There are time clocks and water bottles in the water, so it's important to know how to aim and where to shoot the harpoon. When I click the screen to start, it instantly starts timing me. By using the mouse I can control where I need to shoot the harpoon towards the fish for points. I only have one minute to complete this short game. There are clocks throughout the game, and by shooting the clock symbols in the water I can gain more time. I can get about 10-15 extra seconds on my time. Each time I complete the short games, I move up to the next level. Each level gives me 60 seconds. Harpoon FRVR is a fun game so far.

Harpoon FRVR Game

This game isn't addicting in any way. It is something I would recommend to a young child. It is fun in a way to compete with myself as to trying to get more points to beat the last score just to see if I could unlock any bonuses but so far I don't think this game offers that. It is great to do in my spare time, but I would probably keep searching for a fun game on FRVR. FRVR is a great free platform to play games on and I like that the graphics aren't too bad for a free computer game. Also, it isn't slow and doesn't freeze on me in the middle of a game.

Game Review

I would recommend this game for a young child only because children become entertained quickly and I could see children liking this kind of game. It isn't too difficult, it's fun, and it's a nice way to spend recreational time on.
Harpoon FRVR
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