Gold Train FRVR

Gold Train FRVR is a great puzzle game that anyone can play, no matter the age or gender. It requires quick thinking and logic-based thinking in order to accomplish each puzzle's goals. The game maintains an appropriate challenge without being too hard that players want to give up. Continue reading below to learn more.


The gameplay for this game is very simple, as aforementioned. It requires quick thinking to accomplish the puzzle before the time runs out to reach the next level. The gameplay despite being challenging, is relaxing as there are unlimited lives and unlimited moves required to beat each level.

Storage Usage

The storage usage for Gold Train FRVR is very low. It can be downloaded as a mobile application for only 40 MB, or it can be played online. It is also free to play, but there is advertising presented throughout the game.

The Theme

The theme of this game maintains consistency throughout. It follows the story of the railroad to connect tracks throughout. There is no confusion to the storyline, and it maintains significant simplicity in order to keep the game as engaging as possible throughout the game in order to complete the story.


The graphics seen in this game are very simple. The railroad is showcased, and it simply shows the options for railroad tiles at the bottom of the screen. The landscape is simple enough that it provides engagement, but it does not distract individuals from gameplay.

Final Thoughts

Gold Train FRVR is a great free play to play, though there is advertising throughout. Complete the railroads in order to continue along the track and earn more coins. It is a challenging game, but it is simple enough for anyone to enjoy and continue coming back to.

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