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Garden Tales

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The game Garden tales is a casual game set in the fantasy world of Aster. As an unnamed protagonist, you will follow the journey of Stranger -a traveler who comes to town with his talking mushroom- and Lucia, a young sorceress apprentice who is forced to confront her own destiny when she encounters the traveling party. Along your adventures, you will meet six unique characters whom you will guide on their personal quests. You will also meet The Elder, who has lived in the game since its creation and knows about everything that occurs within it.
A variety of quests will be available for you to choose from. Sometimes your choices will affect the story-line, other times they may not. The game is composed of three modes: Story mode where you can play through the main quest line; free mode where you can explore Aster at your leisure; and Challenge mode which includes fifteen challenging mini games.
To advance throughout the game, you must interact with different elements found in each location by collecting items or using tools to solve puzzles, access secret areas, learn magic spells, etc. As Stranger or Lucia progress in their journey they face many obstacles that need to be overcome. The game Garden tales combines elements from visual novels, RPGs, and interactive fiction games to offer users an interesting mix of genres. Accompanied by a lovely soundtrack, the story follows an episodic format that allows you to enjoy it non-linearly depending on the choices you make during the course of the game. A new quest unlocks every time you complete a previous one, allowing you to follow your favorite character's story without being forced to progress with another one.
This makes it possible for you to get attached to each of the six protagonists and experience their stories entirely on an emotional level. Also, there are no life points or other similar mechanics that would limit your interactions during conversations, making for a more streamlined role-playing experience in which you can always be yourself. This is why Garden tales was chosen as one of the best free RPG games by Best Web Games, where they call it one of those games that give much more than what you'd expect.
The game also lets you create several different profiles so that multiple people can play it with the different paths they chose. In addition, it also has a built-in save page where you can see your progress at any time, so that no matter when you play the game, you will always be able to come back to it. This way, you can even place it in your bookmarks and open up several different browser windows with each of your profiles on them -so that you won't have to bother closing them down every time you decide to check out another path. The game Garden tales is free-to-play and available exclusively online. However, if you're willing to spend a little money for additional content or special items, there are options available through an in-game store.

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