Drift Boss

Drift through the levels in Drift Boss, Drift Boss is a fun game where you have to follow the course with your car to the finish. The only 2 controls you have are left and right. Drift through the parkour without falling away, then you start again. With the points you score, you can purchase faster, more agile and more fun cars to become the ultimate drift boss.

Drift Boss Is a browser-based driving game through the Just Games platform. The main objective of Drift Boss is to keep your car on the game’s track as you go through many tight turns. You begin with a tutorial that teaches you the controls for Drift Boss. You can use the mouse or space bar to drift right and release the mouse or spacebar to drift left. The longer you last on the track the more points you acquire. The game keeps track of your highest score.

Drift Boss offers you a daily bonus for logging in each day which includes currency to spend in-game and a new car. You can use the currency to purchase things such as car insurance and other bonuses. Drift Boss includes many tips to help you stay on the game’s track. There is also a quick restart button, an option to watch a video advertisement to double your top score, and a settings section that allows you to set the music and sound effects to your liking.

Drift Boss can be quite challenging at first but through the tutorial and tips given to you, you will be a Drift Boss in no time.
Drift Boss
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