Curve Fever Pro

Play Curve Fever Pro, the newest snake game! You play against each other in rounds and you progress further and further in the rankings. You can upgrade your snake with the points you collect. You are not allowed to touch the strings of the opponents, then you are finished. Be the last to be left or the first to get a number of points to win.
The power ups that you can set include:
  - Homing: Shoot a homing fireball and steal points
  - Jump: Jump over lines
  - Brake - The ability to brake your hose and steer it sharply
  - Thick: Throw a thick obstacle that flattens an opponent and steals points
  - Mine: Throw a mine that steals points

These are just a few of the powerups you can earn. The highest powerup you get on level 59 and is a Teleport. This teleports you to another location.

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