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Classic Solitaire

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Play classic Solitaire on just games, this classic version of the solitaire game is a all time hit on our website. Play it now! In classic solitaire you play the game of solitaire in a clean and fresh way, the game features great and simple graphics and good game play.
Stack all the cards from high to low to win the game, you can place the aces on top and add up from that. Connect the lower numbers on the stacked cards to make room for the cards upside down to free them. Play all cards to win solitaire classic.

Classic Solitaire screenshots

Screenshot of the main screen of classic solitaire.

Screenshot of the title screen of solitaire classic.

Classic Solitaire is a basic card game. This online version of the game can be played with the computer mouse. Move the cards from the tableau to the foundation and complete the challenges set before you. Follow the regular rules and enjoy playing this skills based card game. Have fun!

As with much of 2020 into 2021, more and more people are continuing to do activities on their own and by themselves. A classic game such as solitaire is the perfect boredom buster for anyone spending time on their own. Don't have a deck of cards? You don't need them! This online classic version is the perfect way to get that nostalgic feel for a game that is easy to comprehend, and easy to play!

The computer already does most of the work for you in terms of set up. The game focuses on the single player utilizing their skills to complete the deck of cards and create sets according to their matching suit. The key word here is patience!

Players start out with a 52 card pack of online cards. There are certain positions you play into to build a strong card foundation in relation to the matching suit of cards (heart, spades, clubs, and diamonds). The rank of cards is as follows, and what you follow when creating your foundation of cards: K (high), Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, A (low). This is standard in all solitaire games.

To win, you must go in an alternating order of the order of cards between red and black cards. You play by transferring cards among the face-up cards placed in front of you. The goal is to be able to play all cards within that order!

Be patient! It takes some practice to become an expert at Solitaire!

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