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Cannon Balls 3D

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A Cannonball is a round shot fired from a calibre gun. It was first introduced by the French artillery Engineer Samuel J. Besh. The name of the game, the cannon, is derived because it is fired from a gun. The Cannonballs are used in the Dwarven multi-gun. However, players must have partially completed the dwarf cannon quest to qualify to play the cannonball game.

The cannonball game is the master of destruction. All a player needs to do is target their shots efficiently and skillfully. The gameplay includes destroying the buildings using cannonballs. In cannonballs 3D, there is a lot of stuff to swallow. The game has a lot of tiny cannonballs for the users to play in each playing level.

Cannon Balls 3D, a singleplayer shooter that features a cannon instead of a gun, requires that a player destroy a variety of structural targets built on platforms in a stormy desert, foggy pasture and mountainous snowscape. The player must destroy a certain number of structures per level while earning points. If they run out of ammo during a task, the game bumps them back to that level's first task. When the player reaches a last task, they receive an infinite number of cannon balls to destroy a complex, large structure.

This game has no targeting sight to help with accurate aim and uses a simple point-and-shoot system. A player's biggest obstacle is anticipating how beams, cubes, poles and other shapes made of materials like concrete, glass, stone and wood might fall off a platform. For example, a cannon ball might take out foundation blocks or TNT cause an explosion that makes one or more shapes fall straight down onto a platform.

Cannon Balls 3D also makes some tasks more difficult by moving targets farther away or blocking structures with stationary or moving barriers that cannon balls can't destroy. The player receives three bombs now and then to destroy barriers and explode large or difficult-to-clear structures. They earn new bombs by performing well during gameplay. They must have great hand-eye coordination or continue to fire as blocks fall to use gravity and friction to clear a platform.

How to play

Shoot at a structure until all pieces fall off the platform. To finish a level, repeat similar tasks. When faced with the home screen after a win or loss, press the green Play button again to move on to the next level or replay the last one, respectively.


Mouse: To align the cannon, roll the mouse to place the cursor on an exact spot on a target. To shoot, click the left button.
Mobile: Run a finger or stylus tip across the surface of the screen or track pad to position the cursor on an exact spot. To shoot, tap once.

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