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Candy Crush

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Candy crush is a great stress-reliever and time-waster that people can play on the go on their phones, tablets, or computer. Some people consider it fun and love it, while others think itís monotonous and boring.

The game is easy to play but also challenging, depending on the level and the mission. The primary mission is to clear all the candies from the board before moving to the next level. Players do this by matching at least three candies of the same color vertically or horizontally. They can also swap two adjacent candies.

When players match three or more blue candies, they disappear and make others disappear too. Matching at least two red candies makes them blue, and players can match them with other blue candies.

Every level has a limited number of moves players use to complete the goal. To make it easier and faster to complete the mission, there are special candies players need to watch out for, like candy spiders and bombs.

When matched with other candies, they make more candies disappear than when matching regular candies.

How to Play

Many people play the game with the mentality that it is easy. While that is true, it is also challenging, and some players finish all their moves and lives before completing a level. To ensure players win all the levels, they need to have a game plan.

The first thing is to start a new game by clicking the + button and selecting 'new game' from the menu. This brings a game screen from which the player chooses the number of moves they want to play and the difficulty level.

After completing a level, players can click on the 'Score' button in the top left corner to check their score. They can also click 'levels' on the drop-down menu to monitor their progress.

There are different difficulty levels for every level. Therefore, if a player is stuck on one level, they can change the difficulty level from the Ďlevelsí button.


Players should click the 'play' button on the screen's top-left corner to start the game. Pressing the space bar once enables them to match candies while clicking it twice allows them to swipe adjacent candies.

Pressing the space bar three times makes all the candies disappear, and clicking it four times makes special candies appear after matching at least three special candies. People can play candy crush for free on their browsers without any download.

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