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2048 Giant

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Due to its numerous controversies, including accusations of plagiarism, comparisons to Flappy Bird, and a slew of open-source fixes, 2048 has become one of the most talked-about games of 2014. However, it is also notable that it is similar to another game before it was released, Threes! It's been said that Gabriele Cirulli, the creator of 2048, is a lasses name, but he managed to drum up a huge amount of downloads for his game, which is a simple yet addictive take on the tile-sliding game. The basic idea of the game is that you slide the numbered tiles in the grid in the direction that they should go. When two or more numbers are combined, they will multiply, and so on, until the magic number of 2048 is reached. The choice of how you approach the game is also interesting, as it allows you to play it in various ways. While it is a casual title that can be enjoyed for its quick thrills, it also can help you improve your score. You can also put your math hat on and approach the game with a certain mindset.

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