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Pushing Blocks Games is an online game developer focused on providing a gaming experience designed for a very specific gamer: that puzzle-solving, grid-loving, pixel-sorting match 3 gamer. Here at Pushing Blocks Games, we call for all gamers more interested in finding patterns with shapes or putting down just the right tile to fill in just the right gap than killing zombies or walking through a story.

On this page, you can find a plethora of different puzzle gaming experiences, all tied to the idea based on our name: pushing blocks. If you are interested in a more familiar tile game, we do have options based on classics like Dominoes and Tetris, but if you are more interested in match 3 or grid-based games then we are definitely the page you have been looking for. Classic Dominoes is super fun, but check out our twist on the classic with Amazing Dominoes. Fancy Constructor takes an aesthetic similar to Tetris, but asks you to use Tetris-like shapes to fill in specific highlighted spots. Although pushing blocks is what we do, our games like Hex Puzzle and Gold Panic take a different approach to the average grid-based puzzle game. To solve a Hex Puzzle, you have to be comfortable playing with a different shape altogether: hexagons!

Pushing Blocks is not just a genre of game, but a quality game designer whose sole purpose is pushing your brain's neural cells to the limit. We want you to have those moments sitting in silence for seconds and minutes while your brain chugs at full speed trying to solve a single puzzle. We want you to have that singular moment when it finally clicks inside and you can move on to the next step. Pushing Blocks games wants you to feel like the genius that's secretly hidden inside you.