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Flip Master

Flip Master

Flip Master is here! The sequel to the old trampoline and flip master games. Now in 2.0! Do your best flips and bounces in multiple stages like a backyard, the circus, and a mountain. With special moves like the superjump and superspin you score more points. Flip master is a sequel of flip diving where you jump from a cliff into the water. Here you jump on a trampoline. Be sure to land your moves correct. Collect the golden coins to unlock new tricks and new levels or characters. Hold your mouse button to do faster flips and move your mouse to steer. Happy bouncing!

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Are you a football or basketball or any kind of sports fan? Well sports fan or not, sports has become a really great influence in social interaction nowadays. Whether you sit on your couch and watch the game or play it live and sweat it out trying to beat your opponents, sports is still a pretty great interest within the society today. And since we love sports as much as you do, a lot of sports-related games have been developed by game developers to suit your love of sports while conveniently accessing it online. Find it here and re-live the game without even breaking a single sweat. Tags: sports, physical, competitiveness, athletics, field, ranking, event