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Drift Cup Racing

Drift Cup Racing

Drift Cup Racing is a 3d drifting game. The game features multiple drift tracks. You can drift in the snow, tarmac, dust or just on dry fields. The goal is to reach the finish line in the first place. You can use multiple power ups like nitro boost and others. Try not to crash. If you win races you will earn coins. With this coins you can upgrade your car and unlock new cars. Each car will react different.

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Feel the blood rushing through your veins as you stay at the edge of your seat, while competing with your toughest opponent for the 1st place. Sounds realistic right? Racing games just gives the same effect, minus the dangers of over speeding and car crashes. Race with different opponents with all kinds of different rides like motorcycles, bikes, cars, horses, airplanes and more! Want to compete on foot? Why not? Race as fast as you can like you could almost feel the wind rushing through your hair. You could even customize your own rides, if you have enough money. Enjoy! Tags: race, car, motorcycle, speed, drive, ride, run